Listening Journal and Composer of the Month- October

Frederic Chopin

Frederic was born near Warsaw in Poland on March 1, 1810.  He is considered to be one of the greatest pianists of all time.  At the age of six he had started learning  piano, at age 7 he began composing and at age 8 he gave his first concert!  When he turned 20 years old he left Poland to travel around Europe and when he got to Paris he decided to stay, however wherever he went he brought some Polish soil with him to remind him of home.  At age 39 Frederic developed tuberculosis and he died in Paris on October 17 1849.  

Chopin wrote music during the Romantic period and his music was so innovative that he had to develop new exercises to help him play it (these are his collection of Etudes).  A famous piece of music by Chopin is the Funeral March which is our Listening Journal this month!  Fun Fact:  Chopin played for Tsar Nicholas I who gave him a diamond ring!


 Frederic Chopin 1810-1849

Frederic Chopin 1810-1849

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